Top Fuel Efficient Cars in Pakistan

There are many cars in Pakistan but only some of them are noticed to be “fuel-efficient”. Japanese cars are the most popular amongst Pakistanis than any other cars brand. But this list is a mixture of Japanese and other brand cars which are fuel-efficient. This list can also help you analyze and decide which car you want to buy.

1. Daihatsu Mira ES  (20km/l- 30km/l)

This car is among the Japanese cars in Pakistan. This car is very light on an economy ad your budget. Its price is up to 1 million only making it cheaper for the buyer and easy for anyone to buy it. It has a 660cc engine with its fuel-efficiency which is 20 km/l.

2. Toyota Prius   (26km/l)

Prius has an excellent look with lots of standard features. Its engine is 1.8 L and the excellent fuel efficiency only makes it more buyable. Its spacious place and the best fuel efficiency enable you to be ready to go on any trips. And, now it is said that Toyota is going to add a fifth seat in the new model as well.

3. Suzuki Every  (24km/l)

It is a 660cc engine Japanese car. With a safe driving system and its fuel efficiency makes it ready to go for even a 1000 km (driving range) journey. Since it’s a family-friendly van it can accommodate up to 7 persons. Its supplemental restraint system is also something that makes a point to buy this van- car.

4. Honda City     (16km/l)

Its fuel mileage is excellent and this car has managed to hold a strong customer base now in Pakistan. It has a 1.3 l engine and it can also accommodate up to five people.  It is preferred for the families who require class and economy when they travel.

5. Chevrolet Spark EV   (48km/l)

It obviously has the highest efficiency in the list. This car along with its best efficiency has all the modern features with spacious, anti-lock brakes, automatic air conditioner and 1- speed automatic. Plus, its 85 horsepower adds to its uniqueness.

6. Suzuki Wagon-R  (19- 20km/l)

This car is one of the airy ones with the best economy and fuel efficiency. Plus, some of its imported versions have this push and start feature. But, one drawback that it has is the fact that it’s back windows are not automatic which makes it a semi-automatic car.

7. Daihatsu Move   (31km/ l)

The fuel efficiency increases along different year spans. Latest cars have the most efficiency. Basically, it’s a small size car which can obviously accommodate a small family but it’s still not hard on the economy. But, its small size doesn’t mean that it lacks something, it still has the best basic features inside of it.

8. Porsche Cayenne Hybrid   (14km/l)

This car enrolls a V6 engine with a massive 333 horsepower. In less than 6 seconds this car has the ability to go from 0- 60 mph. This car is not really popular in Pakistan but you can definitely find it at the Porsche center located in Lahore.

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