Samsung Galaxy Note 7: (Teaser)

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is near its launch, we are all excited to see the new features that Samsung plans to amaze its Note users with, previously we got a hint that Note 7 will have an edge screen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 won’t just have an edge screen but a dual-edged screen and recently Samsung announced a new teaser for Note 7,   “Write on the edge of something great.”

Yes that is correct, Samsung is definitely pushing their boundaries with Note 7. Imagine the possibilities we could have with writing on the edge of a smart phone.  The functionality of S Pen with the dual edged screen definitely intrigues the user to think what else has Samsung got up their sleeves.

Some questions that may float our mind regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 are as following;

  1. Will the dual-edged screen on Note 7 be responsive enough for fast processing?
  2. Will Samsung launch New Apps for its dual-edged screen variant?
  3. How will the S Pen interact with the dual-edged screen?
  4. Will we be able to use both edges simultaneously?
  5. How will the dual-edge screen effect the battery life of the device?

The thought of having a dual-edged screen that you can write on, is enough to keep you awake for several nights. The launch is around the corner, and will keep you updated with all the latest news and updates for Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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